Track Trenchers vs. Excavators


Cost effective

  • One trencher can replace several excavators.
  • Less labour intensive resulting in less manpower.
  • Reduced fuel costs with the effeciency and speed.

Time effective

  • Increased productivity due to one trencher completing work faster than several excavators.
  • Quicker process as a trencher can achieve multiple steps in one pass.

Less equipment

  • One trencher can replace several excavators.


  • Wireless remote control allows the operator full operational functionality remotely.
  • Risk associated with the unstable, rocky or weak ground near the trench walls is reduced with a trencher that produces a more stable wall.

Backfill and padding

  • The excavated material can often be used for backfill.
  • Less padding is required due to vertical trench walls as opposed to the V shape walls an excavator produces.
  • Reduced materials means less costs for materials and transport.