Trenching Hire - Wet & Dry

Polyfit’s powerful Vermeer trenching machines are the ideal machines for excavating pipeline trenches, with the ability to go through most ground types with ease. We have the ability to cut trenches between 800mm up to 1000mm wide and up to 2.4m deep with our current fleet.

The use of trenching machines for pipeline excavation is an effective alternative to traditional excavation methods ensuring a flexible, reliable and cost effective solution.

Our operators have extensive experience in operating and maintaining our Vermeer trenching machines and are ready to assist on your next project.

Vermeer Trenching Machine


HDPE Fittings

Polyfit manufacture their own range of high quality HDPE fittings.

Our products and specs can be viewed at Polyfit's website by the following link:

our products
Polyfit Fabrication Butt Fusion Fittings


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